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Cozy Corner of Author & Nomad, M. Marks-Mendonca

For teens, tweens, and the young at heart


(That's me on the edge of the cliff overhanging Guyana's amazing Kaieteur Falls, the world's largest single drop by sheer volume of water!)


I started storytelling in the schoolyard at age 9. Before becoming a novelist, however, I spent many enjoyable years travelling and working in Asia, North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Eventually, volunteer work with youth stirred the fires of fiction in me again, and when I finally stepped back into the world between dreams and visions, Alex Springfeather was there, waiting. Legend of the Swan Children is his story (Macmillan 2009).

Alex Springfeather

Alejandro Vega Van Sertima was born in Alma, a sleepy village on the Caribbean Sea right on the border between Spanish and English South America.

Known among the Waspachu by his clan name, Alex Springfeather, he lives a simple but happy life on Senora Lagrima's hacienda. His favourite pastimes are canoeing, racing river dolphins, eating frio-frio on hot days, and practicing his growing powers on his startled mother, Tia Lucia.

Suddenly Senora Lagrima dies under very suspicious circumstances, and Tia Lucia, a.k.a. Moon Woman, vanishes without a trace.  Before he knows it, Alex and his unusual silver panman are caught up in an extraordinary adventure.

2022Alex-4 (2).png

Legend of the Swan Children

A prophecy, a secret society, the adventure of a lifetime!

Alex Springfeather is awakened by a mysterious whisper. '...others... disappearing ...' Within hours, his mother vanishes without a trace.

His life in danger, He follows the elusive trail of a silver pan-man. Alex wants only to solve the mystic's riddle and save his mother's life, but the Guardians of the Legend have other plans for him...

Publisher: Macmillan       E-book available now

Wishing Stars

Wishes, my friends, are meant to come true!
So if you really want to draw things to you,
just click on Swan-Child Kwame and he'll tell you what to do!

Artwork and Animation Copyright ©  Maureen Marks-Mendonça.

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Artwork Copyright ©  Maureen Marks-Mendonça.

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