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Living The New You

The Way of Ubuntu


Ubuntu is a way of life...

...that leaves no-one behind. To be a person in this tradition, is to be compassionate and caring towards all living things, including Mother Earth; it is to want success and happiness for all.

The Age of Ubuntu is here...

  • the time of the coming together of all of Mother Earth in recognition of our interconnectedness,  and in acceptance that we are One -- physically, as scientists have confirmed, and spiritually, as our Wisdom Keepers the world over, the Indigenous Ones, have maintained.


  • the time of recognizing that each and every religious tenet or philosophy, is part of a greater multidimensional truth, with LOVE at its core.


  • And the time of recognizing that each and every one of us, regardless of race, ethnicity, wealth or wit, came from the same Divine Source, and will return to that Source.

With this in mind, let us begin to explore what lies beyond this state of Oneness.

Ubuntu literally means, 'I am because we are.' The following tale, true or not, exemplifies this age old African tradition. As the story goes, a visiting anthropologist doing research in southern Africa, placed a basket of fruit on the ground beneath a tree, and told a group of children to race each other to the basket. "The first to get there gets ALL the fruit," said the anthropologist.

The kids' faces lit up. Holding hands, they charged together to the basket, plopped down on the ground, and happily began to share the fruit.

“Why did you do that?” the puzzled anthropologist asked the eldest and tallest, who could surely have won.

“I cannot be happy when others are sad,” the child replied.

2023: Absolutely Align Desires With Goals!

With an emphasis on ABSOLUTELY! This is a big year for all of us as the transformation continues. We're about to reap the benefits of being good 'girls' and 'boys' in 2022 (smile). Onward and upward we go towards the LIGHT!

A backward Glance...

2022 was a momentous year, bringing those of us who desire, ever closer to the state of total knowingness. More and more people have come to realize that we -- humans, the natural world, including Mother Earth herself -- are inextricably linked, and always have been. It's time now to fully understand our true power, and how, together, we create reality.

In 2023...

Manifestation of our desires will be swifter than ever, so

we must clearly align our desires with our goals, from the smallest to the largest. in other words, no more distractions. We MUST focus on what we want, and not on what we don't want. It's time to LIVE all that we truly are; Time to BE the reality we've been co-creating with every fibre of our being.

A Wing and a Prayer

May LOVE continue to guide our thoughts, words and deeds in 2023, allowing us to navigate the continued turmoil that is a part of the times, with ease. May the wings of peace continue to unfurl.

Ubuntu! Namaste! The divine in us honours the divine in you.

How to Manifest.jpeg

Following the Golden Thread: Keeping Energies Flowing

(From Flying With The Swans: The flowering of the Chakras © Maureen Marks-Mendonca)

Staying Connected

Earth has many chakras, or vortices, too numerous to mention. At different stages of their history, continents resonate to particular chakras and become marked by this resonance, taking on personas, so to speak. In this particular case, we refer to resonances of previous times that have come into resonance again, chakra locations that once were, that are again.

The map above shows the locations of earth's seven main chakras: Heart - Four Corners, USA, Root - DRC-Uganda border, Third-Eye - Himalayas, Tibet-Bhutan-Nepal Triangle, Sacral - Kurdistan, Throat - U.K., Solar Plexus - Andes, Peru, and Crown - Queensland, Australia. Those of us who can should maintain an awareness of any disturbances in these regions and use the energies of Divine Light and Love, when needed, to keep Earth's, and our corresponding, Chakras, 'healthy' and flourishing, and where there are Cities of Peace already established in these areas, or there is talk of doing so, let's support such efforts!

The Magic...

We humans are multidimensional beings of everlasting Light, and beyond our 'world' are ever-changing, geometric configurations of electromagnetic fields, which we call planets, strategically placed to generate playgrounds, as it were, for beings in different states or levels of consciousness to explore the creative power of Spirit.

Our Choice...

The time has come for us to be reminded that for our time on earth, we opted to accept a temporary state of reduced awareness, with the full knowledge that we were nevertheless still joined to the Universe and all in it, through a grid of electromagnetic umbilical-like cords. Waves of guiding signals allow synchronicities to occur and help us maintain awareness of our missions here on earth. Remember, we work with these planetary energies. We are not controlled by them.

Removing The Blinders...

Armed with this knowledge, take another look at "The Return" videos and awaken those dormant memories that have been nudging you in dreams and intuitive flashes. 

human chakras.jpg

"Truth is multidimensional, as is One. We can't yet see the whole, but know that each message brought from the Light is a slice of that multidimensional whole, and as our chakras open, those slices will fall into place." - S.F.

Keeping Chakras Open

Our chakras or vortices, through which the breath of Spirit flows, must be kept open for us to continue climbing up the 'Cosmic Staircase' back to our original state of being. Not an easy task, one may be quick to say. Understandably.

"...The slightest amount of fear will contract the aura, will draw your awareness back into self. If the 'I' principle is dominant in your thoughts, know then that your awareness has contracted. If you feel bodily discomfort, know then that your awareness has contracted. If you feel mental discomfort, emotional discomfort, know then that your awareness has contracted. So the question is, how do you catch the shifting awareness before it contracts significantly.  There is only one way:  every few minutes, for a time, you must make a concerted effort to stop whatever you are doing and quiet yourself:  feel, hear, relax into the ether around you.  You need not focus on anything, but of course if there are trees close by, or flowers, plants in general, then feasting your eyes on these will accelerate the rate at which your awareness returns to an expansive state..." - from Flying With The Swans


Do this and you will literally be able to feel your ‘world’ grow from small to big, from tight to flexible. Over time, we'll all be able to maintain this state naturally.

The Forgotten Human Chakras

There are four additional chakras that will play important role in our lives as awakened beings:

Our vernal chakra keeps us positionally aligned to earth's field, and signals when it is time to adjust our coordinates through locational change, or quantum leaps in consciousness. Life-altering change, in other words.


Our terrene chakra connects us to earth's meridians. When it's sensitized enough, we too would become aware of the kind of earth changes that send birds into flight, or land animals to stampede to safety, and would be able to protect ourselves accordingly.


Our universal chakra is our centre of spiritual will, and is linked to the sun, which along with other higher octave planets, alerts us to our spiritual needs.


And finally, our lotus or thymic chakra, which is aligned to the energies of Jupiter, is our centre of joy. It is where Spirit meets matter.


An Ubuntu Thinker would Say...

To continue to exist, we humans must become part of nature again.

A friend asked me what I thought about a First Nation/Native American saying, that if plants, four-legged animals, and winged creatures were to become extinct, Mother Earth would die, but if humankind were to vanish, Mother Earth would flourish. This was my response:"I’ve heard that said many times in my lifetime, and I’m afraid I believe it to be true. By taking ourselves ‘out of nature’, most of us have forgotten the roles we were meant to play. We are only here still because the Indigenous Ones have been working hard to keep the balance, especially in the past century or so. Now they are out in force, speaking all over the world to anyone who will listen, telling us they cannot do it alone anymore. We must give up our fractious lifestyle, and work with them to heal mother earth, otherwise, as the old timers would say, we are goners! Just as our bodies shake off viruses that upset our balance and cause us to be ill, so Mother Earth will be forced to shake us off if we humans continue on this virulent path. We must return now to full cooperation with nature, if we wish our earth adventure in this form to continue.


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