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The Return

"The Return" is a series of revelations designed to awaken your own story within,

as we consciously weave the tale of unity back into the fabric of the human adventure.

"...and at each successive level, the veil shrouding reality thickened until the illusion was complete..."

"...there came the realization that all had never been lost! Each race had been given a key, a piece of the puzzle..."

"...becoming powerful centers of energy around the world and making quantum leaps in consciousness possible..."

Once upon a time, we had everything we needed, could create anything we wanted,

and were connected to all things on the earth and in the heavens.

Then we made the choice to separate…

‘The Return' is a simple tale of discovery, a parable really, of how the 'great illusion' began

 and how it ends with us awakening to the real magic of life.

Following the Golden Thread: Chakra Functions

(From Flying With The Swans: The flowering of the Chakras © Maureen Marks-Mendonca)

Mother Earth Chakras Latest.jpeg

Three Things to Remember:

  • The peace/harmony state is merely a steppingstone to more interesting experiences, to a world of infinite possibilities, but to get to the  peace state, we need to Lighten the energy fields around ourselves and Mother Earth, and to do that, we need the massive shift that's underway. Turbulence is to be expected, because upheavals are earth's way of shaking off density.  We'll ride  them out.

  • There are more than one ways to shift:  we could shift the frequency of thought (for those who are aware enough) or use a 'cosmic staircase' (energy field, chakra). Each chakra has five satellite 'sub-stations' spread out, sometimes across continents, that perform similar functions. So, this method is accessible to as many people as wish. Once our chakras are completely unblocked,  a free flow of energy from and to the rest of the Universe will once again become the norm.

  • All of this is a prerequisite to "The Return". Earth is coming alive! Hearts are unfolding in response to the increase in Love energy surrounding the globe; we're beginning to know our roots again: the Essence of Self, its foray into density, and its mission. Our extrasensory skills will gradually return, and our sense of Spirit will ultimately be total.

The Earth-Human Chakra Connection

Our bodies run on two kinds of fuel: food, and the electromagnetic energy that all the Universe thrives on, the God-force, or Chi, which powers us through our chakras. Earth's chakras are impacted by the same disturbances that affect human chakras, the magnetic fields being networked, structured and routed similarly.

Our crown chakras are like wireless antennas, receiving information directly from the Self, or Spirit.

Our third-eye chakras allow us to tap into the Akashic Record, giving us access to every thought, word and deed, past present and potentialities.

Our throat chakras offer the Self opportunities to find true expression. Messages that do not bear Soul truth are electromagnetically 'tagged'.

Our heart chakras receive and transmit the Love energy that binds all particles in existence.

Our solar plexus chakras protect us from dense activity associated with the environment, or people close by. It is the source of our 'gut' feelings.


Our sacral chakras - seats of creativity with the capacity to amplify, like crystal, any electromagnetic force that passes through it - allow us to sense, and respond to, structural changes in the fabric of space, and in our bodies.


Our root chakras tip us off about cosmic shifts. They receive and transmit knowledge pertaining to earth's, and the human body's creation and function, and from earth's root shall rise many mysteries of old.

For more, see Keeping the Energies Flowing, especially for information on four lesser known chakras that will come into prominence: the universal,  the vernal, the terrene and the lotus.

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