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Meet the Swanlight Org. Folks

Swanlight Organization (S.O.) delights in helping people see, and embrace, the Oneness in all of creation. For more than two decades, our website has shared techniques for raising consciousness, held Golden Peace Circles to vision a compassionate earth, and provided silvery droplets from the Ocean of Light to nourish flagging spirits.

Today, with the new paradigm in place, and critical mass met in 2022, the focus of our site and Facebook Page is now on following the golden thread of change, and shining Light wherever needed.

[Unless otherwise noted, all information on this website is inspired by the  book, ‘Flying With the Swans: Return to Knowingness’ by Maureen Marks-Mendonca].


Maureen Marks-Mendonca, MSc.

Maureen Marks-Mendonça, known also as Swanlight, is a co-founder of the Swanlight Organization. She spent many years working and travelling in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean, first as a diplomat, then Operations Researcher, econometrician and business forecaster — careers which allowed her to successfully test her belief that global harmony is possible with the right kind of education and empowerment. Today, her life is dedicated to carving paths to greater inner and outer harmony through her work with youth, her workshops for seekers of all ages, and her writing. Her novel, Legend of the Swan Children, is available everywhere. Tweet her or email her.


Fay A. Marks, PhD

Peace Circle Initiator and Coordinator, explored the frontiers of science as a Research Experimental Physicist for several years, pursuing and fulfilling, in part, her passion to understand ‘the world, the Universe and everything’. Today, the adventure continues as she explores not the material world via Physics, but the frontiers of higher consciousness, seeking and uncovering the meeting point of science and Spirit and discovering the immeasurable beauty and wisdom of the soul, oneness and the Universe. She now walks the path of Love as a poet and writer, sharing Golden Peace and visioning a better world for all humanity and all the Earth.

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Elder Granny Marks, Humanitarian

Elder Granny Marks is the complete embodiment of Love. For more than seventy years, helping the sick and needy has been intensely central to her life. She started out as an ordinary concerned citizen and over the years gradually became known as, 'a living saint'. Almost 100 years old, her spiritual wisdom is of great import during this transitional period.


The Swan Federation

The Swan Federation is a broad-based organization of spiritual guardians dedicated to fostering peace, harmony, and unity amongst all peoples and between all beings and Mother Earth. Both Flying With the Swans: A Return to Knowingness and Legend of the Swan Children were written by Maureen Marks-Mendonca under the inspiration of the Swan Federation. 

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