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Countdown 2022

Critical Mass Are We Really There?

In 1996, the proverbial ‘dove’ landed, i.e., the energies of peace and harmony were anchored around the globe, allowing a new paradigm to take root. From then on, emissaries of Light and Love the world over have been working intently to ensure:


  • that Mother earth’s chakras blossomed again, becoming powerful centres of energy that would make quantum leaps in consciousness possible;

  • that earth families became aware of the keys they held, knowledge that would cause the illusion of separation to crumble;

  • that as many of us as possible awaken to who we truly are: Spirit  on  a  mission  to realize the beauty of creation;

  • and that we heal ourselves and Mother Earth.


By 2008, there was enough momentum to bring about light-filled changes in the leadership of key countries;

And between 2010 and 2012, with the throat chakra in full bloom, masses of people around the world found their voices and made their desires for a kinder world heard.

Then, for many emissaries, there was a disappointing dip in momentum, but we did what we needed to do at times like these.

In 2015, we stepped up our focus on being the transformation we sought, while nations and peoples absorbed the almost two decades of heady change.



In 2016, facing the threat of a backward slide, we stepped outside the box, made CONSCIOUS choices to resist the fear-based tendency to ‘pack reaction’, and succeeded in staying on track.

In 2017, with ‘battle fatigue’ setting in, we realized what was required of us at that point: complete TRUST…trusting that the seeds of change we sowed had taken firm root took courage, but we did it...
At last, in January 2020, we foresaw that the current critical mass cycle*  would come to an end around the year 2022, and that from then on, we could expect transformation to occur exponentially (as is normally the case with the introduction of anything new).
Now that we are in 2022, the big question is: HAS CRICAL MASS BEEN REACHED?
As deadly and painful as the COVID-19 virus proved to be, it also became a catalyst for the very change needed to open more and more eyes -- and chakras -- as numerous folk went back to nature, back to what their hearts love, back to compassionate interactions (ubuntu).
Yes, we believe critical mass has been met. Now we must keep our inner Lights shining brightly, keep the Love flowing so that as many as choose to, can rise to a greater expression of our humanity.
*A Critical Mass Cycle contains waves of change, which overlap and bounce against each other, quickening or slowing the inevitable, building to a crescendo until the largest wave crashes upon the shores of existing conditions, altering life as we know it. We see the COVID-19 pandemic as that largest wave. - MMM/SF






2021 ~ 1 YEAR TO GO!

For those of us who can, let us pledge to make this year a truly soul-happy one. 2020 really challenged us emotionally, financially, and most of all, spiritually, but we know now how to look for the gifts hidden in everything that the Universe throws our way. So, this time we won't let anything get us down...not for long anyway.

Ebbing and flowing gracefully with the tides of change, we will remind ourselves to take two steps up the 'cosmic staircase' when lower vibrations tempt us to take a step down. And we will remind ourselves that we are all perfectly formed twinkling droplets of Light, not separate from, but an integral part of the cycle of life of the Divine Ocean from whence we sprang.

All it takes is a simple SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE for us to emerge - once  again - as that which we were meant to be, and to shine our Lights from every corner of the globe, especially for those who can't at this time. Let us rise together!



In about 2 years, the current Critical Mass Cycle will run its course. A Critical Mass Cycle contains waves of change, which overlap and bounce against each other, quickening or slowing the inevitable, building to a crescendo until the largest wave crashes against the shores of existing conditions, altering life as we know it.

Shaken out of inertia, everyone must then process and incorporate the changes.**  In other words, from around 2022, 26 years after the descent of the dove, i.e., the anchoring of the new paradigm, transformation will quicken exponentially.

At a time like this, when life is so fluid, it helps to think of ourselves as Emissaries of Love, born to Mother Earth to help create and maintain harmony wherever we go. We're adept now at accepting the bumpy with the smooth, so let's stay resolutely focused on the urgent task at hand: the continued sharing of knowledge that is raising the consciousness of the entire planet. Let's let go of any 'battle weariness', and see the next year through.


2017 ~ 5 YEARS TO GO!

You've laid down all the groundwork, and been a beacon in the fog of global discontentment, distrust and greed, i.e., you've been a conscious anchor for Light. You've seen its transformational effects and caught a glimpse of that better world you've been working towards. Now, all of a sudden, a setback: the rise in global consciousness seems to be under siege. What next, you're thinking disappointedly. Well, it's time to go beyond words and actions, and learn to TRUST! Be confident that the seeds of change have taken root, and that they can withstand any trauma.

 - Maureen Marks-Mendonca

Lay your forehead upon the earth and listen to the whispers of Oneness

Lay your forehead upon the earth and experience the wisdom of Oneness

Now lay your forehead upon Mother Earth and become the Gift of Oneness.

 - Fay Marks (from the 'Global Healing' Peace Circle)


2016 ~ 6 YEARS TO GO!

The world is changing rapidly. Freedoms are being compromised and intolerance is gaining ground. More than ever now the world needs you to be your best possible self, and that means harnessing your power within. It's time to step outside the box and begin to make conscious choices, and when fear threatens to send you scuttling back to 'pack reaction', take a deep breath and rise above that fear.

Once you awaken your Spirit-Sense, the deep Universal wisdom that is your birthright, will be at your disposal. You can put balance back in your life, be the change you want to see, make a difference!

 - Maureen Marks-Mendonca

May we always remember that the smallest act of caring performed with a lightness of heart and a lightness of being will ripple outwards to positively affect our immediate and global communities.​

May we always remember that the flutter of a tiny butterfly's wings is felt throughout the world...

 - Fay Marks (from 'The Butterfly Effect' Peace Circle)


2015 ~ 7 YEARS TO GO!

Be the transformation you seek. Add your momentum to the winds of change sweeping the globe. Awaken your SPIRIT-SENSE and obstacles will become opportunities, challenges will become adventures, and soon you'll be:

Taking the Light Road      Making the Right Choices      Building a Happy Life!

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