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We Are The Still Pond

As the still pond, deep, wise and unruffled,

we gently held in cupped hands,

the dream of a world in harmony.


As the rippling lake, on the move, fluid and at ease,

we began walking together, walking the dream of ubuntu

~ a world in harmony.


And now as the swift river, clear, lively and agile,

flowing to an ocean of beautiful possibilities,

we have shifted our global village into a new orbit

of harmony, clarity and wise power.


Ubuntu is here!

May it flourish in our hearts as we continue to engage

and deeply enjoy

our precious interconnections with all beings of the earth.

                     - - Golden Spirit Woman


The Visions and Dreams of a 100 Year Old Elder 

Her Missives

Elder Granny Marks: To the sick and needy, she is a 'living saint', to troubled souls, wise counsel, to her fellow Anglicans, a tireless 'church mother', and to her family and friends,  an amazing seer. Largely disconnected from the world, with sight and hearing failing, Elder Marks nevertheless has an ethereal finger on the pulse of Mother Earth.

  • Message 1: IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP! We should be fully awake now to what we should be doing in this life. Those who are fully awake should be coming together in joy, Love, peace, unity, harmony, happiness because we have been too long without this. Our Father in heaven is insisting that we come together in this way. Wake up, wake up, now, now, now! Each of us must make sure we're at the right place at the right time. - October 2021

  • Message 2: We will all be working together making the world into a better place. It will be the beginning of a new world... Tell [all] who are awake: we are changing into different beings. - June 2022

  • ​​Message 3: A new world has already been born.” - Sept. 2022

  • Message 4: Our Lord and Father asked me to share this message to all countries throughout the length and breath of the world: "Those who stand tall and strong must get together in communities and do something, raise funds, find something to do, to feed the 'hungry-belly' people who need proper meals."There are many, many people all over the world who are going hungry. We must do something. - February, 2023

Daily Life of "an ordinary old lady"

  • Granny Marks is always trying to give away part of her meals to the pavement dwellers, and we would tell her not to worry, we would feed them, but she must eat all her food to stay strong. One day when we were insisting wearily that she focus on her own needs, she said softly: "But you don't understand. When I feed others, I feed myself." - April 2021

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