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Knowing, Becoming, Living the new you!

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"The Return" is a series of revelations designed to awaken your own story within, as we consciously weave the tale of unity back into the fabric of the human adventure...

2023: Absolutely Align Desires With Goals!

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Yes, we're talking about manifestation! This is a big year for all of us as transformation continues. We're about to reap the benefits of...

"The Return"

We Are The Still Pond


As the still pond,

deep, wise and unruffled,

we gently...

Following the Golden Thread

(From Flying With The Swans: The flowering of the Chakras © Maureen Marks-Mendonca)

What role do chakras play in the overall scheme of things, and what's the connection between ours and Mother Earth's..? 

Unity is our Destiny: S.O. delights in helping people get there. Come Join us! 

Featured Video

Reflections in our Secret Garden 2-2: Afterlife — A Glimpse

Billions have seen, few are willing to tell, but it's time to share what we know now. This is our first video on the Afterlife, and we take a very personal approach to it.
"Death is not death, death is happiness! We move from life to death to life." - 100 year old Elder Marks

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An Ubuntu Thinker would Say...

To continue to exist, we humans must become part of nature again. A friend asked me what I thought about a First Nation/Native American saying...

The Visions and Dreams of a 100 Year Old Elder 

  • "...Tell [all] who are awake: we are changing into..."

  • "IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP! We should be fully awake now to what we should be doing in this life..."


  • "Our Lord and Father asked me to share this..."

Elder Granny Marks: 'living saint', 'church mother',  amazing seer. 

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