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Unity is our Destiny: Swanlight Organization (S.O.) delights in helping people see, and embrace, the Oneness in all of creation. Come Join us!

We Are The Still Pond


As the still pond,

deep, wise and unruffled,

we gently held in cupped hands,

the dream of a world in harmony.


As the rippling lake,

on the move, fluid and at ease,

we began walking together,

walking the dream of ubuntu

~ a world in harmony.


And now as the swift river,

clear, lively and agile,

flowing to an ocean

of beautiful possibilities,

we have shifted our global village

into a new orbit of harmony, clarity

and wise power.


Ubuntu is here!

May it flourish in our hearts

as we continue to engage

and deeply enjoy

our precious interconnections

with all beings of the earth.

                     - - Golden Spirit Woman, 26 December, 2022

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"The Return"

"The Return" is a series of 'revelations' designed to awaken your own story within, as we consciously weave the tale of unity back into the fabric of the human adventure.

Return 3.jpeg

"...chakras began to flower...becoming powerful centers of energy around the world...making quantum leaps in consciousness possible..."

Return 2.jpeg

...there came the realization that all had never been lost! Each race had been given a key, a piece of the puzzle..."

Return 1.jpeg

...and at each successive level, the veil shrouding reality thickened until the illusion was complete..."

2023: Absolutely Align Desires With Goals!

Yes, we're talking about manifestation!

Onward and upward we go towards the LIGHT! Another momentous year has passed, bringing those of us who desire, ever closer to the state of total knowingness. More and more people have come to realize that we -- humans, the natural world, including Mother Earth herself -- are inextricably linked, and always have been. It's time now to fully understand our true power, and how, together, we create reality.

Flaming Tree.jpg

In 2023, manifestation of our desires will be swifter than ever. So we must clearly align our desires with our goals, from the smallest to the largest. In other words, no more distractions. We MUST focus on what we want, and not on what we don't want. It's time to be all that we truly are; Time to BE the reality we seek with every fibre of our being.

May LOVE continue to guide our thoughts, words and deeds in the coming year, allowing us to navigate the continued turmoil that is a part of the times, with ease.

Ubuntu! Namaste! The divine in us honours the divine in you.

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"Truth is multidimensional, as is One. We can't yet see the whole, but know that each message brought from the Light is a slice of that multidimensional whole, and as our chakras open, those slices will fall into place." - MMM

Following the Golden Thread

(© FLYING WITH THE SWANS: The flowering of the Chakras )

Mother Earth's chakras are like 'cosmic staircases', a 'staircase' being, in this special case, an energy field that can create a significant shift in consciousness. Anyone who sets the intent can either connect to these energy fields through thought, or go in person, to receive an immediate boost. So the flowering of these once blocked chakras -- from root (Congo-Uganda area), sacral (Kurdistan), solar plexus (Andes, Peru), heart (Four Corners, USA), throat (Britain), third-eye (Himalayas), to crown (Queensland, Australia) -- played, and will continue to play, a major role in the consciousness shift. All who can must maintain an awareness of any disturbances in these regions and use the energies of Divine Light and Love, when needed, to keep Earth's, and our corresponding, Chakras, 'healthy' and flourishing.

Recent Videos

Afterlife 2.jpeg
Walk Light - Arthur.jpeg
Walk Light - Happiness.jpeg

Featured Video

Reflections in our Secret Garden 2-2: Afterlife — A Glimpse

Billions have seen, few are willing to tell, but it's time to share what we know now. This is our first video on the Afterlife, and we take a very personal approach to it.
"Death is not death, death is happiness! We move from life to death to life." - 99 year old Elder Marks

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An Ubuntu Thinker would Say...

To continue to exist, we humans must become part of nature again.

A friend asked me what I thought about a First Nation/Native American saying, that if plants, four-legged animals, and winged creatures were to become extinct, Mother Earth would die, but if humankind were to vanish, Mother Earth would flourish. This was my response:

"I’ve heard that said many times in my lifetime, and I’m afraid I believe it to be true. By taking ourselves ‘out of nature’, most of us have forgotten the roles we were meant to play. We are only here still because the Indigenous Ones (in the Americas, the Pacific and Africa) have been working hard to keep the balance, especially in the past century or so. Now they are out in force, speaking all over the world to anyone who will listen, telling us they cannot do it alone anymore. We must give up our fractious lifestyle, and work with them to heal mother earth, otherwise, as the old timers would say, we are goners! Just as our bodies shake off viruses that upset our balance and cause us to be ill, so Mother Earth will be forced to shake us off if we humans continue on this virulent path. We must return now to full cooperation with nature, if we wish our earth adventure in this form to continue.
- MMM, Sept. 17, 2022

The Visions and Dreams of Elder Granny Marks

After a difficult night physically, Elder Granny Marks woke from a healing sleep with these words on her lips:
"...We will all be working together making the world into a better place. It will be the beginning of a new world, each thinking kind thoughts, doing kind things for each other. We can all turn into better beings [the world over] each doing better, you for me and me for you.
You have to start right now...start the ball rolling now. Tell [all] who are awake. We are changing into different beings. Get ready to start your new job in mind, body and everything else."
June 13, 2022

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