@ Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown, Guyana June 2015


Celebrating life!






When I first heard of Zumba, I was still reeling from the loss of my soul-mate. I would go out and about with friends, tease, laugh, pretend to be capable of having fun when in reality, I was a walking zombie, enveloped in a thick fog of grief. My heart was shot to pieces, and my body was as stiff as a ramrod.


One day towards the end of 2014, a charitable tea party and fashion Show transformed my life. The models were changing, my mind was far away from the chitchat at my table, when suddenly I became aware that something out of the ordinary was happening. Four super-fit young women had come on stage, and were doing a wild and wonderful dance, choreographed, it seemed, just for my temperament. Every cell in their shapely bodies was gyrating to a catchy tune -- Caribbean, Latin American, I can't remember which. In that instant, I saw my only chance of coming alive again.




Photo: Celebrating life with my Zumba instructor, Noshavyah, and lead dancer, Ithalyah










My body craved fitness, yearned for creative expression, but there were only three ways in which it loved to work with motion: tennis (but that was out; too many crushing memories), taijiquan (I was way too angry for something so balancing), and dance. I had not even thought of the last as an option, because I only knew of two avenues of dance expression: professional and partying. Yet here were these young ladies saying: There's a third way! Dance your way back to fitness with our Zumba program!



                             Photo: Zumba instructor and dancers





It took me months to enrol and when I finally did, every day I had to fight the desire to quit. But Noshavyah, Ithalyah, Malcha (who provided refreshments), and the other dancers were so incredibly kind and encouraging that I persisted, and am I glad I did!!


When the day of the June 2015 Zumba Party came around, I was as sick as a dog, fighting a cold virus, but I had no intention of missing the event. I sweated bullets, worked my butt off, but in the end felt off-the-charts exhilarated.











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