@ Moray House, Quamina & Camp Sts., Georgetown, March 21, 2013


Celebrating feminine expression through art, literature & music with featured artists TRACY DOUGLAS and MAUREEN MARKS-Mendonça


Autographing MJ's book at the Moray House two-woman celebration of feminine expression through art, literature and music. Beside me are copies of my novel, Legend of the Swan Children, and behind me you can just catch a glimpse of some of my artwork from the 12 Faces of Love collection, and the inspiration for my novel-in-progress -- or were the stories already within me and found expression through my art? I don't know, but the moment I decided to tell the stories behind the art, It seemed that that was always their raison d'etre.


Both Legend of the Swan Children and my new work-in-progress were very well received, as was my accompanying artwork! Made me want to shove aside all the stuff I'm obliged to do right now and finish that book by tomorrow!! What a wonderful dream. Folks, it's not likely to be out before the end of 2014. Will keep you posted! THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED US!

Photo (compliments of Mj Walcott): Mj and MMM.






Versatile Artist, Tracy Douglas' display of paintings, VERY original dolls, tie-dye garments, and costume jewellery was simply stunning. Note some of Her amazing dolls in the background, flowing so organically!


Photo (compliments of Phoenix): Tracy, Phoenix, MMM





BEAMING FACES SPELL SUCCESS!! Although I must confess that there was no time for the dance segment or storytelling competition, instead we added wine tasting (Pandama Wines, naturally - the domain of Tracy's husband Warren).

Photo (Compliments of Phoenix): Tracy, Warren, MMM. The exhibits were already taken down, which is a pity, but it does offer viewers the opportunity to see somthing of the inside of this beautful old heritage house.















This may well become an annual event!!



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