. . . Now what's this beauty? It's used for both Hindu and Christian festivals - and when wreaths were made of real flowers, it was in great demand.

See if you can name each of these charmers in the author's garden!



This plant has always been special to me because it was my grandmother's favourite, and she is the one who taught me to love Mother Earth. It's incredibly easy to grow, and the leaves of the thicker variety are eaten in Asia and Africa - but not as a rule in the Caribbean. Who can name it?



According to various historical sources, this plant was used to silence rebellious slaves in the Caribbean, hence it's common name. Runaways, freedom fighters, and other radicals would be forced to chew the leaves and stalks. Their tongues would swell, choking them to death or near death. It has a name you'll never forget.



Here is another plant widely used for religious festivals. Its leaves and sap also have healing qualities. Can you name it?



 Here is another beauty. When I first planted it, I was told it was a favourite among Indo-Guyanese. I think it should be everybody's favourite. Who can name this gem?



This one is my baby. It disappeared from the garden for years - I thought I'd lost it - then it suddenly popped back up. So I promptly dug it up, put it in a pot and nurtured it back to good health. Isn't she lovely? It's related to the eddoe, and is therefore a member of the 'elephant ears' family. Who can name it?



I had a very interesting experience with this pretty flowering shrub - a magical butterfly encounter. After you figure out its name, read  the story on my webpage, Nature and Me.

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