Island Fiction authors, Maureen Marks-Mendonça (Legend of the Swan Children) and Billy Elm (Delroy in the Marog Kingdom) made the best of Billy Elm's recent visit to Toronto! This was the first time they would meet, and Maureen felt that it would be fitting to spend an afternoon at A Different Booklist Bookstore, where Macmillan's Island Fiction Series will soon be lining the shelves – assuming snags in the distribution system get ironed out!

The owner, Itah Sadu, is a fine writer and storyteller in her own right, and the authors enjoyed exchanging views with her on the vagaries of the publishing industry, and the joys of connecting with their readership. In the course of the afternoon, Itah was able to arrange for Maureen and Billy to visit Amesbury and Portage Trail Middle Schools – no small feat, considering that it was a week before the end of the school year.



The students were given links to the authors’ book trailers on YouTube beforehand, and so were very keen audiences. “That was cool,” said a Portage student of Maureen's trailer, which contains her own artwork. Alex Springfeather’s meeting with likable rogue, Rico Marquez, intrigued Portage students, while Amesbury students were eager to hear about Delroy's adventure and of Jamaica, where a few of them were born.

All too soon, the mini-tour came to an end. Before returning to her home in Jamaica, Billy, and Maureen, who lives in Mississauga, pledged to work closer together to ensure that North American audiences are afforded greater access to their novels. It was a week well spent!


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