ROY'S GARDEN 2014-2015

@ Georgetown, Guyana


Tribute to the Love of my Life




Roy's Garden was created in memory of my soulmate and husband agriculturalist Roy Mendonça, whose dream it had been to turn a rough vegetable patch into a hexagonal mixed garden when his life was cut short in April 2014. Lovingly, block by block, mud pile by mud pile, over a period of 6 months, I fulfilled that dream. The garden is now a haven for visitors seeking harmony -- and fresh vegetables!


Photo by MMM, April 10, 2015







When I first started this commemorative effort on April 20, 2014, it took a pickaxe and months of heavy labour to turn it into a workable endeavour. The day before he transited, Roy had toiled all day to reshape the three abandoned beds into a square - the first step. I took over from there. In the centre, I planted the crown of thorns he had uncharacteristically purchased at a horticultural show two days before his death. Then slowly I started creating out of monstrous clay, a garden which I hoped would go beyond his dream...

  Photo by MMM, September 11, 2014










After months of wetting and turning over the hard rocky clay to break it down, I added sheep manure, and worked it vigorously into the soil. At last, I was ready to establish the basis for the final design. I decided to use terracotta pavers all the way, but miscalculated the weight of the 92 Xs and 118 cubes I had to buy. With the tail of my Suzuki wagon inches from the ground, I crawled home, offloaded and carried the pavers and cubes 70 feet to the back of the yard by myself. It had to be, and was, a labour of love. Mysteriously, none of my usual helpers were available until the very end, when our friend and carpenter, Speedy, helped me secure the pavers around the perimeter.

Photo by MMM, October 2, 2014





Roy had wanted to surround the vegetables with marigolds. They were hard to find, but I was able to make that wish come true too! On Dedication Day, October 23, 2014, his brother, Richard, solemnly set the plaque in the inner circle in the presence of our sister-in-law, Sheila, good friends Syeada and Alana, and me. I felt a joy, in that moment, which I knew had come on a gentle breeze from the contented heart of my husband.


Photos by MMM, October 23, 2014




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