. . . "I loooved it! It is really great! I am your fan already!" - Lena, Germany

 . . "Wonderful book!" - Helen, Canada



Exciting and inspiring . . .

The story is full of excitement and is skilfully written. This is one of the most inspiring and interesting books I've read recently. Full Review.

JL, Author



Full of Gaming Twists and Turns . . .

"Freedom was just a few feet away, but Alex was beginning to have second thoughts. If he failed, he knew he could expect no mercy..." This novel is full of gaming twists and turns. Young people will love it, and they will never know which end is up until the end. Full Review.


Gerald Hausman, Author  and Poet



Captures your imagination . . .

The author has woven the intrigue of a favourite Hardy Boy tale with the mysticism of a Harry Potter without the sinister feelings of those tales. An enjoyable and spellbinding book, that certainly grabbed my interest and imagination. Full Review.


Valerie Joseph, Author 



A truly infectious book . . .

 ...So much so, it leads the reader into a mystic and mysterious sense of belonging, and living every word that jumps out of the pages just like the characters themselves. It is remarkable.

Full Review

Donna Simon



. . . "We enjoyed Legend of the Swan Children very much." - The Gates, U.K.



The imagery is spectacular . . . 

Legend of the Swan Children by Maureen Marks—Mendonça has beautiful, elegant language reminiscent of good magical realism. The imagery is spectacular and the story is very inviting. This is one of my favourite books in the series because of its lilting language.

My Most Important Top Ten,

Debbie Jacobs, Columnist, Trinidad and Tobago Guardian



The former Public Servant speaks about her life, her focus, and about the role of her first book of fiction in supporting her preoccupation with helping young people build their characters and shape their lives.

Where Fantasy Meets Reality,

Arnon Adams, Editor, Stabroek News, Guyana Review


TV Interview with Allyson Hennessy. . .

Allyson Hennessy of Trinidad and Tobago's Channel 4, talks with novelist Maureen Marks-Mendonça about Legend of the Swan Children, her life, and the launching of Macmillan's Island Fiction Series. Interview on YouTube


An Enchanting Story . . .

Legend of the Swan Children is an enchanting story set on the coast and rainforests of South America. [Alex's] magical journey to find his place in life, as well as his mother, is a colourful, descriptive tale of love.

Caribbean Beat Magazine, November/December 2009


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