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On February 26, 2013 at 6:06 a.m., I made an appeal to my Facebook friends:

"I need your help," I wrote. "My classical guitar has got to have a prominent place in my life once more. It's not easy, because I haven't played it since the late 80s - folk (strumming), yes, but not classical. And you know when you used to play stuff beautifully and the fingers don't cooperate anymore how frustrating that can be. So as an incentive, I've challenged myself to do the following, and I'm hoping you guys will play along with me: Every week, I'm going to relearn one page of music from each of the following six categories - ragtime, Spanish classical, Latin jazz, baroque, easy listening, impressionist classical - and I'm going to record it, post it here, and ask you to name that tune. Are you with me?"

 The response was tremendous (thank you again, my friends)! All fired up, I began to practice, and between March and April, managed to produce four tunes from the Spanish Classical, Ragtime, Baroque, and Latin Jazz categories. Quite a feat for me with my busy schedule. Illness in the family caused me to pause - and that pause has lasted 9 months! Here's an excerpt from that exercise:








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