@ Pandama Retreat & Winery, Linden-Soesdyke Highway, Guyana, 2012 - 2015





My husband Roy and I first visited this MAGICAL getaway in January 2012, when the owners of Pandama Retreat & Winery, Tracy and Warren Douglas, were just three years into their CREATIVE venture. The creek, 17 acres of near virgin forest in the sandy belt of Guyana, and the inspiring commitment of the Douglases to keep their TREASURE as pristine as possible, led us to return year after year, and several times a year, if we could swing it.













It suits the nomad in me: I could spend a day chilling in the VIBRANT 'green' energy; pitch a tent, overnight, and watch the sun rise over the lilied creek, rent the secluded log cabin for a weekend of true STILLNESS, or camp out with friends in the open-sided bunk station and be awakened by the gentle touch of a butterfly on my nose.










But that's not all! The combination of Warren's SUCCULENT wines and Tracy's tantalizingly dynamic and EARTHY art is such a heady experience, you come away thinking, Why am I not spending more time in this Guyana?

If you happen to be sipping breadfruit or jamoon wine when the wind dances past Tracy's organic rainforest dolls, you'll swear you saw them come alive. Go a step further, and slip into one of Tracy's dreamy tied-dyed outfits, and you will come ALIVE!





*Image above offers a taste of Tracy'a artistic vision










Transformation is going on as I write: new buildings are going up, old structures are being extended to accommodate the growing number of visitors seeking the beauty Pandama has to offer, but every change is designed to add to the ethos. I can't wait to experience the new 'Jamoon Landing' creekside wine bar and lounge seen here!


To find out more, visit www.pandamaretreat.com
















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