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  • For most of 2014, I saw life through a dense fog of pain, against which words were powerless. I could not write.












My Favourites Places:

Annai, Guyana

  • The Pakaraima Mountain range across the Rupununi Savannah is so breathtaking, my heart cries, 'Stay here! Forever!'



Koh Samui, Thailand


  • The warmth of the people, the liquid turquoise on ivory sands, Hin Ta (Grandpa Rock) and Hin Yai (Grandma Rock), swinging on ropes across cliff faces... Beautiful!



Prescott-Sedona Area, Arizona

  • Big sky country, fiery sunsets, gigantic red rock buttes, panoramic views from treacherous mountain roads dwarf the ego and make the spirit soar!




  • The sweet roar of the wind through the pines of Prescott National Forest calls to me to stop, look, listen. I see the giant firs against the cerulean sky and I think, 'Too beautiful for words!'





Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

  • Ruminants grazing serenely in lush lea overlooking the sea (shades of Guyana’s east coast of yesteryear), walkabouts in magical woods; the idyllic Rapaura Watergardens with its 14 falls, giant kauri, palms and haven for wounded waterfowl - a true Eden!



Hamilton, Bermuda


  • I shall always remember my first trip to Bermuda - the plane gliding gently down towards a sea heart-stoppingly turquoise. I swam in its waters and I was healed. To meditate under these arches carved by the greatest artist of all time - Nature... Sigh!



San Francisco, California


  • Lombard Street, the 'crookedest' street in the world. Oh, those San Francisco hills - I approach their peaks in my car with trepidation, knowing that for a split second the street will disappear, and I will see only horizon. What a perfect place to practice 'flying blind'!



Mississauga, Canada

  • Multicultural Canada -I love saying that. Of all the nations I know, Canada truly tries to, and more often succeeds in, living up to its promise of inclusivity. I've 'travelled' the world in Canada, and in all my journeys, First Nation events have attract me the most. It's that inexplicable sense of connection.



Upstate New York



  • A winter wonderland - In Half-Moon-Colonie I breathed in the muted magic, when the heavens took pity on trees stripped winter bare, and covered their naked boughs in cloaks of crystalline white.




Hong Kong



  • My home away from home for ever so long - a city that draws the best out of you . . . or the worst. So much to do, so much to see, so much to earn, so much to buy. What  heady experience!




Montego Bay, Jamaica


  • I dreamed of living in a house by the sea while sitting at my stodgy diplomat's desk in land-bound Beijing - and the Universe kindly rewarded me with...this! Can you think of a more beautiful way to spend nine months of your life?





Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • This is the home of my Sri-Lankan-Indian sister, and so it means everything to me. There are Buddhist statues everywhere, their energies so peaceful, I firmly believe they reflect the intrinsic nature of  the people, despite the digression into prolonged war. May the peace that exists now be forever sustained.



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