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This is Amerindian Heritage Month, art lovers, and there's lots to enjoy - beautiful and original arts and crafts, dancing, skits, poetry, a young calypsonian who is fall-down funny, and much, much more. If you can't go, click here to enjoy the cultural show!





At the arts and crafts exhibit, we were greeted  by artists, Valentine Stoll and  Oswald 'Ossie' Hussein, and offered piwari, an alcoholic drink made from Cassava - one way of saying, 'You are very welcome in our midst!' That Piwari packs a punch!






The table with the artwork of Valentine Stoll and Ossie Hussein is one you wouldn't want to miss. There are carvings of musicians and village scenes out of purpleheart, kabukalli and mora - a labour of love with those hardwoods! To arrange to see more of his pieces, call 774-4089 or 628-5260.


Photo: Valentine Stoll with his creation, Hunters in a Canoe






Photo: Carvings by Valentine Stoll








Photo: Wall plaque by Oswald Hussein with traditional Amerindian motifs.







In the following two pictures, women’s groups from Morokabai, Leguan, Pomeroon, Santa Mission, St. Cuthbert’s Mission and other Amerindian villages showcase their crafts.


Photo: Intricate basketwork made from tibisiri.





Photo: Slippers, hats, baskets, skirts made from tibisiri, and vessels and wall ornaments made from coconut and calabash.






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